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In the metro network is it not possible to offer native IPv6 right now as Fibras equiptment canĀ“t support it. Instead we offer IPv6 through a 6RD gateway.
This gateway allows us to bridge over Fibras equiptment and connect the customer router directly to our backbone and offer IPv6 through that.
The service is not officially supported and is to considered best-effort.

To start using MDFnet 6RD gateway, enter this info in your 6RD-capable router:
6rd Prefix = 2001:6b0:30:4000::
Border Relay Address =
6rd prefix length = 50
IPv4 mask length = 20

This will work for the following D-Link routers among others:
  • DIR-815 HW A1
  • DIR-825 HW B1
  • DIR-655 HW B1
  • DIR-652 HW A1
  • DIR-600 HW B5

For linux-users is it possible to create a tunnel-interface and point it towards our gateway.
This is can be done by simply using this script:
Run the script with your public IPv4-address as an argument.
Note that you will need to have the packet ipv6calc installed for the script to work!

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