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Can you see what I do on the Internet?
We do not check what web pages you visit, or what other services you use. We do however have an automatic system that looks for signs of virus and other malware that tries to spread through the network. This is something that most internet service providers do to ensure the best possible quality for their costumers.
I've received a mail that says that I've downloaded something. What's that all about?
We get complaints from various organisations daily about copyright violations that they suspect that one of our customers have done. They do not know who have done this, just that it's one of our customers. We do not give them, or anyone else, any personal information. The only exception should be to the police with court order. We only forward the complaint to the one it is meant to to inform the customer about it, no further action is required from us.
I've forgotten to pay the bill and have been deactivated, what should I do?
Easy, just pay the bill and you will be reactivated as soon as we receive the payment (usually 2-3 banking days). Beginning in week 16 (2008) we will be able to take your payment in cash at our office. If you're in a real hurry to get your internet back on you can come to our office and show us proof that you have payed, for example by logging in to your internet bank or showing a receipt from the bank office. Just mailing a screenshot of your payment, or a printout from the internet bank is not enough.
Which SMTP-address should I use?
The address to our SMTP-server is: mail.mdfnet.se
My internet connection is slow, why is that?
You should make a proper bandwidth test to be sure there is a problem. You can do a test with TPTEST which is a software for testing your bandwidth. Unfortunately there is no english version of the software's homepage.

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